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​At Fastpitch training systems, we strive to create new ideas for the young pitcher to progress at a much faster pace, and the Fastpitch personal trainer does just that. It works the three major phases of pitching all at once, the stride, resistance and the follow through. And, it is so easy to use.

With the personal trainer, you don't have to be pitching a ball. You create the same pitching motion as you ​would during a pitch. It's made for new pitchers, or for those with bad pitching habits. It helps create muscle memory in giving the pitcher the proper pitching mechanics.

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​The fastpitch personal trainer is a pitching trainers best friend. This unique product jump starts young pitchers in the proper mechanics. 
​The personal trainer 2 is great for travel training. Light weight and easy to assemble. Adjustable for any height. No tools required.
​The stride runners are used to help pitchers stride straight, keeping the body in control and the arms in a straight ahead position, not out sideways of the body.